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Discover smooth skin with Danang Waxing – your go-to spot for professional waxing services in the heart of Danang City. Experience gentle techniques and high-quality wax for a comfortable session. Book now for a radiant you!

PLIE was born with the mission to help customers conquer all unwanted “weeds” on the body. At the same time, with PLIE, waxing not only helps to remove hair but also helps customers own a smooth skin. With nearly 7 years of experience, PLIE’s dedicated and professional team has treated more than 2 million “grasses” around the world.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, PLIE has rocked the waxing industry worldwide. Why do you say that?

It can be said that PLIE was born in the context that the world’s waxing industry is still very backward. Almost no beauty salon specializes in waxing services. Or if so, the wax they use is usually of poor quality, unhygienic and annoying to customers.

YiJia – the founder of PLIE and his team have been diligently researching and testing new techniques and new and exclusive waxes. Since then, the successful birth of a new waxing process makes waxing gentle and enjoyable. Although it is a high-quality waxing process, the price list for hair removal at PLIE is very affordable

How is the waxing process at PLIE?

PLIE is considered to have a very methodical and professional waxing process. You don’t just have to come and apply some wax and then grab it, then go back there, ladies.

Let’s see the international standard waxing process at PLIE before consulting the detailed price list for hair removal at PLIE.

Step 1: Thorough consultation for customers

The technician will check the skin and give the appropriate waxing process for each customer. There are cases when waxing should not be performed such as: Menstrual period, sunburned skin, dry cracked or open wounds, excessive sunbathing within 1 week, radiation treatment, electrolysis or and are using Accutane – an oral antibiotic for acne, …

Step 2: Change clothes

Customers will be instructed to change clothes and clean the skin to be waxed.

Step 3: Conduct waxing

The technician wears gloves to clean the skin and conduct waxing on the areas that need to be “weeded”.

Step 4: Skin care after waxing

Skin is cleaned and cared for by the skin-soothing product line exclusively distributed at PLIE.

Every customer when coming to PLIE can be assured of the quality and service. PLIE is proud of the set of 3 HSQ rules: Hygiene – Fast – Quality. Accordingly:

Wax sticks should never be dipped twice. Gloves are used throughout the waxing process. Each customer will have a separate waxkit including: wax sticks, gloves, masks, pH balanced wet wipes.

The average execution time is 30-45 minutes. With the skill, precision and experience of the professionals, the waxing process is smooth and comfortable.
PLIE uses premium waxes and skin care products.

Although it is a quality, reputable and global waxing address, the Danang Waxing price list at PLIE is very reasonable, everyone.

PLIE has waxing for both men and women. Almost any area of the body such as legs, arms, back, armpits, face, can be waxed.


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]


Waxing can remove the short hairs from 1.5cm – [...]

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