Foot massage in Da Nang can provide a wonderful sense of relaxation and energy rejuvenation. The method of foot massage acupressure and swipe will be a simple and quick way to help you circulate blood, enhance blood, improve health and relieve fatigue because all acupuncture points on the human body are Concentrate on the toes and soles of the feet.

After the experience, customers have a deeper, more comfortable sleep and especially have the spirit to cope with all the chaos of life.

Foot massage in Da Nang - Levenin Spa

Before starting the massage, you will have a foot bath, foot wash with warm herbal water, combined with a head massage while soaking your feet.

Next, the technicians will perform acupressure movements and massage the soles of the feet, helping to relax and clear the meridians.

Soothing room space - Danang foot massage service

Unlike other common relaxing Danang foot massage procedures, at Levenin Spa, instead of sitting on traditional hard chairs, you will comfortably relax on the massage bed, listening to the sounds and soothing aromas, relax and fall into a good night’s sleep.


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