Pregnancy massage is a form of massage for women who are pregnant from the 4th month or more.

Pregnant women are often tired and sore during pregnancy, so massage helps a lot for pregnant women. The feeling of comfort, ease and relaxation of the mother will help the baby develop the best because it is the link between the mother and the baby.

Levenin Spa technicians will use their hands to gently massage from the shoulders to the back and gradually massage down the hips and waist. Gentle, slow movements with natural coconut oil will help relax the entire muscle and soften the skin of the pregnant mother. After the back area, pregnant women will continue to lie on their side or back depending on each person’s body for the most comfortable feeling when massaging the legs.


The most important part of foot massage for pregnant women is to thoroughly massage the ankle joints, toes and soles of the feet. This helps blood circulation easier, reducing the feeling of edema caused by blood being pumped to the legs due to pregnancy.

Next is a neck and shoulder massage to help pregnant women relax completely and easily fall asleep.

Massage not only helps pregnant women feel comfortable and relaxed during pregnancy, but also brings many good effects:

– Helps the fetus to relax and gain more weight from the womb.

– Reduce swelling and edema during pregnancy

– Reduce stress, fatigue and avoid pre- and postpartum depression.

– Minimize constipation.



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